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Discover the security of electronic payments

Everyone wants to feel safe about their personal and business finances, which is why Brink’s has designed a suite of convenient financial services that meet your needs. We have partnered with the Convenience Store Alliance to give you exclusive access to these tools. From solving employee pay to helping your business manage complex vendor relationships, Brink’s Money offers financial solutions that bring you peace of mind for your business.

Exclusive Benefits

Brink's Money Paycard

Paperless payroll. A flexible solution to distribute funds to your employees.

Lost, stolen, misrouted, and uncashed paper checks can take their toll on the bottom line of your business. Move away from paper and pay your employees without breaking the bank. With direct deposit your employees have convenient access to wages. No need to pay extra costs to print, process, and distribute paper checks when you can rely on an established payroll card provider. We help you avoid the risks associated with funds getting lost, stolen, or delayed in transit by making electronic payments, all while providing valuable benefits to your employees.

Brink's Money Earned Wage Access

Lower employee turnover. Improve engagement and productivity.

Gain a competitive advantage as you recruit top talent and motivate skilled workers to stay with you longer. By implementing early wage access, you can become an employer of choice. Showing your team you care for their wellbeing can go a long way. Provide financial wellness resources and support your employees in becoming financially resilient with access to earned wages!

Brink's Money Tip Network

Streamline the tip-out process and reduce cash payouts.

An efficient and convenient way to pay tips electronically, reducing errors and discrepancies Streamline the tip-out process and reduce cash payouts. Provide same day access to tips. Employees won’t leave work with large sums of cash, no more waiting after-hours or taking extra trips to the bank.

Brink's Business Expense

Expense management, made easier and faster.

A solution you can trust to bring you greater control and visibility of your business expenses. You decide exactly when, where, and how your money is spent. Pay on the go and at ease while staying close to company funds with custom spending limits and advanced features, giving you real-time visibility No more out-of-pocket spending for company-related purchases or tedious paperwork to receive reimbursement claims!

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